Having a good time at the club means you put your drinks up and keep on moving to the beats of the music and don’t stop. And so, only exquisite drinks can make you feel relaxed and don’t let you cross the exit. Therefore, the clubs that provide you with the best night out experience also offers you the best bottle service. Well, Katra bottle service serves you with cocktails, nectar rose, gray goose, cognac, absolut, Ciroc, stoli, champagnes, and vodka. Katra bottle service menu also includes hookah featuring flavorful smokeable tobacco. The chill atmosphere and good music mix provide you with a perfect surrounding to spend some quality time with your friends. Katra’s exclusive cocktail menu is full of aromatic and tasteful ingredients. Katra bottle services make sure that the drinks you sip and the time you spend moving and grooving to the beats should be the one you couldn’t forget till your next hang out at this spot.

So, don’t let the drinks slip out of your hands and step up on the dance floor. And enjoy one of the best drinking and night out an experience of all times at the Katra Lounge.

Moreover, deciding your next hangout spot must be the highlight of the New York City’s nightlife. And Taj II Lounge is the one to whom not many of the lounges and places can compare to regarding beauty and style. It is one of the perfect locations to sit and relax. Taj ll Lounge is an Indian themed place with the most exclusive décor and flavorful food menu. The antique metal furniture mixed with a modern twist adds elegance to the place. It’s been known long enough for its soothing atmosphere and ample dance space. The lounge also offers people event packages with amazing bottle services that can boost up the energy of your event and add charisma and glam to it. Taj ll Lounge puts all its efforts in making your event a memorable one and to provide you with every service you receive there. Sit and relax on the comfy couches and sofas and forget about tomorrow.

So, enjoy your night out experience in the New York City’s most remarkable spot. Just sip up the drink, relax or dance with the most amazing crowd found moving to the beats.