The city of New York is full of night clubs. The famous Marquee Club NYC is one of the most recognized clubs in NYC. The Marquee Club NYC is a world class multi-tiered dance club with a finest and artistic décor featuring huge ceilings. The huge LCD’s are fixed on the walls. The club feature world talented and professional DJ’s. Live music, rock music, pop, hip-hop, EDM and deep house are the types of the music played at the club. The dress code for the club night parties is simple and stylish. Dress shoes, dress shirts, jacket, and jeans are the dresses that you can wear at the party.

Marquee NYC is prominent because of its table service and table. The marquee NYC table price is reasonable. Reserve the table according to your need. Marquee NYC table prices are reasonable from a large variety to choose a bottle of your choice. Sodas juices like cranberry, orange, and pineapple. Red Bull is also served at the club. The marquee NYC table price depends upon the selection of the table size. At Marquee Club NYC the smallest table is VIP table Boom box that is suitable for 1-6 group of people that costs $1,500. The mid-sized marquee NYC table price is $3,000 that fits in almost 10 guests. Marquee large table has a minimum charge of $7,500 for up to 15 guests. Marquee Club NYC also has a setup for 2 to 4 people table services. For 4 to 6 people there is an upstairs sitting arrangement.

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